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      Sport Medal: What is It and How to Buy it in Bulk?


      A sports medal is a symbol of appreciation that can motivate a person to do better. A custom sports medal adds value to the medal as it is not only for display but will remain intact as a memory forever. So, either you want to award medals for sports awards or use sports medals to honor athletes.

      Customized sports medals add to the appeal as they can be engraved with the winner’s name. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand what type of sports medals or custom sports medals you need for your sporting event.

      1. What are Sports Medals?

      As in any sport, medals are no small incentive for athletes who have achieved victory. It ignites sportsmanship. These medals are awarded to different departments including sports, education, and office.

      These medals are a reminder of your past achievements and become memories that will last a lifetime. There are medals of different qualities to choose from. They are made of silver-plated, gold-plated, and bronze. The colors are differentiated according to the level the player has achieved in the game.

      They are suitable for every sport; basketball, cricket, pool, hockey, swimming, and volleyball. In short, it covers all kinds of sports. The trend of awarding medals since 1900 has just reached its peak. They are customized by mentioning the participant’s name, the type of game they play, the year the game took place, and the organizing club.

      Custom sports medals for winners don’t just excite the winners. But also adds to the good impression of organizing a club or team.

      Sport Medal-01

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      2. Types of Sports Medals

      There are different kinds of sports medals. Medals may be without ribbons or with ribbons, and also those in other forms.

      1) Traditional Metal Medal

      Gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals represent champions, runners-up, and third runners-up respectively. These sporting medals used to be round and came in gold, silver and bronze colors accordingly. However, the trend has changed.

      As technology has improved and different dyes have been prepared, producers in the sports medal industry can now choose from different types of sports medals that are bolder in design and color and feature more modern craftsmanship.

      2)2D & 3D Sport Medal

      There are  2D  and  3D  sports medals that may represent the logo or sponsor’s name on the medal. These 3D sports medals are currently very popular, although more expensive due to the convexity of the curves. The days of traditional round sports medals are long gone.

      Now, people prefer different shapes. If 3D and 2D models are unaffordable, companies opt for different shapes with unique sculpting. Sports medals are no longer the discs they used to be. There are more exciting updates than before.

      3) Enamel Sport Medal

      Enamel sports medals are another type. They are also very popular in the market because although they cost less, they are more colorful and look like works of art. They stand out from their traditional counterparts.

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      4) Sticker Sport Medal

      If that’s not all, there are Sticker Sports Medals that are even more dramatic. With metal disc bases you can personalize them to any color and shape as you can put stickers on the base for a more colorful and personalized but less expensive sports medal.

      Sport Medal-02

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      3. Use of Sports Medals

      Sports medals are awarded at sporting events. Generally, the winner is now rewarded with a monetary award or a trophy and trophy, however, it is just as important to reward the other participants. For this, sports medals come in handy. You can also present sports medals to the organizers.

      Sporting events are usually held in stadiums and auditoriums. Different types of championships and sporting events are held here throughout the year. These venues need to reward their various organizers to encourage them. These sports medals are very useful in these places.

      4. Importance of Sports Medals

      Exercise is extremely important in our lives. Their role in maintaining our health and balancing our lives is crucial. This is why it is extremely important to appreciate and acknowledge those who are already in the movement.

      Athletic medals were used as positive reinforcement for further participation. It is the beacon that illuminates your success, honor, and dignity above your peers. Because Olympic medals represent the highest level of athletic achievement, athletic medals hold great significance in the world of sports.

      Athletic Medal encourages participants to set goals for themselves. Negativity can ruin your entire career, and it can stop you from reading further, but a little appreciation in the form of some kind of participation award can do wonders, which is what sports medals do. It helps encourage athletes to do their best, to redefine their goals, and to work towards them.

      Sport Medal-03

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      5. How to Bulk Buy Sports Medals

      The use of sports medals has increased many times over the past few years. Schools, colleges, and universities have been handing out athletic medals to recognize the value of participating in sports.

      Today, even banks and industries hold sporting events every year and distribute participation medals in an attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Don’t forget about the stadiums that host these events. These places need a lot of athletic medals. These types of orders often require large quantities of medals to be made and often require special dyes depending on the event being held. To do this, you’ll need to find a company that mass-produces sports medals ready to ship.

      For example, I have a client. He is a used iPhone wholesale supplier in China. He orders a batch of sports medals from me every year. Because his company holds an employee sports meeting every year and awards medals to the winners. In this way, he advocated healthy living, combining work with rest.

      In the following paragraphs, we will discuss how to find a producer to make sports medals for you not only within your budget but also according to your requirements. I hope you will find the following articles useful and helpful.

      1) How to Customize Sports Medals

      Once you decide to buy sports medals, you don’t want the typical design medals that every club or organization offers. You want your medals to be unique in order to add some value to the event. And ignite the spirits of the participants. For this, you’ll need a custom sports medal. So if you are organizing a sporting event and want to give away a custom sports medal.

      Here are a few things you need to know and keep in mind before buying.

      • You first need to focus on the design you want. It also has a variety of options. You should choose a factory with this parameter.  The colors are gold-plated, silver-plated, and bronze-plated.
      • The second most important parameter when choosing whether to use a design logo or not. Or hope that the factory/company designs that. After designing your logo, you should consider the color of the ribbon.
      • The ribbon color is very important. As with most competitions, ribbon color is what differentiates players by rank or position. The ribbon color can be red, green or blue, your choice.
      • Another important factor is “quote”. Suppose you give a lower quote. Or your financial budget is smaller. Then you should choose a company that can produce quality products within your stated quotation range.
      • The company you choose for custom sports medals should be internationally standardized and certified.

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      2) Where can I Bulk Order Sports Medals?

      Suppose you are organizing a major sporting event. You need medals from sporting events. You want a custom sports medal.

      • You should order from a factory with a higher level of manufacturing expertise.
      • And can be manufactured within your quotation.
      • The company/factory should obtain international certification and standardization.
      • After choosing the company or factory, check out their reviews. All good companies or factories have made review section boxes for their valuable clients. Among them are customers who have ordered their products in the past.
      • Let’s say the company/factory you choose for your order has good reviews. You should not order right away. Instead, if they serve samples, you should. If they are international, the estimated delivery time can be 10-15 days.
      • After you receive the sample, it meets the criteria and quotation you set. Bulk order from that company or factory for sure.
      • Before ordering sports medals in your country, you should inquire about shipping costs.

      Sport Medal-04

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      6. How to Choose the Best Manufacturer

      Making sports medals isn’t expensive if you know the craft, however, if you don’t have experience it can be a completely different thing so it’s best to find someone who does. The best way to find an experienced supplier is to pick a contact from some of the sporting events you attend, or you can find someone online, as all suppliers post pictures of their sporting medals.

      Factory owners are also a safe bet as they also need to minimize the loss of raw materials and labor. Not only can you see the quality of work, but you can also check that they are delivered on time. If you can snag a custom sports medal, you’ll be able to see the ingenuity of the final product. This gives a better idea of ​​the quality of work they provide.

      1) Check the Marketplace to See if They Offer Compatible Prices

      The cost of sports medals varies depending on what you add. The base price is the price of the disc, followed by add-on prices. Prices for prints (premium or low cost), prices for logos, prices for colors, and many other things. All of this adds up to the final price of an athletic medal. When ordering in bulk, you should know these prices up front and should cross-check with other suppliers to ensure you are getting a market-compatible price.

      Many suppliers then offer packages when ordered in bulk. For example, one package could provide 100 sports medals with colored logos, 50 sports medals without color, and 50 sports medals with plain text. Be on the lookout for all these deals and packages that are trending in the market so that you can get the best price. Athletic medals are precious to recipients. Make sure you’re getting a quality product at the best price so they can enjoy their price for years to come.

      2) Quality and Certification

      When you’re shopping for sports medals in bulk, there’s a huge selection of medals to choose from, both online and in stores. Unfortunately, the vast variety of medals is also mixed with poor-quality sports medals. Again, you need to visit the market to know the difference between good and cheap sports medals.

      However, if you choose to buy from an experienced supplier, you can be assured that he will use high-quality materials to create your sports medals. These sports medals are often kept by the recipients as a memento of their achievement, so it is important to your reputation to use a supplier who can provide you with quality products in the shape of sports medals. The quality of your sports medals is important, so make sure you choose a company that has experience making them.

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      3) Delivery Time

      Another factor that defines a good supplier is the time it takes them to deliver the product, whatever it is. this is very important. So if you’re looking to order sports medals in bulk, make sure you actually look up this company. It’s important that they make quality products and know their industry, but it’s also important that they know and understand what it means to keep their promises.

      If the company selling these sports medals is an experienced company, it means they are true to their promise of delivering quality products on time and that is why they are still in the market. Good luck finding a good supplier. Sports medals are important, and if they are not delivered on time, it will not work.

      4) A Wide Selection

      Yes, it is also important to know the range available in the market before you place your bulk order for sports medals. There was a time when it was unthinkable to have anything other than a disc as an athletic medal. Today, there are many different types of medals on the market.

      • First, medals no longer need to be round. Medals can be of any shape. Not just circles, they can be squares, rectangles, or even the shape of your company logo. There’s not even a need for a disc anymore. You can participate in the creations represented by sporting events as creatively as possible.
      • Sports medal industry producers now offer a selection of different types of sports medals that are bolder in design and color, and feature more modern craftsmanship. These athletic medals are now truly works of art! There are many different techniques for different types of engraving. These in themselves make sports medals stand out from ordinary medals.

      If the budget is low, even then you have plenty of options. Ask your supplier for enameled sports medals or medals with stickers. They’re low-budget and just as beautiful as their 2D models.

      Sport Medal-05

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      12. The difference between SCIpin and Other Suppliers:

      When you buy sports medals in bulk, you’re obviously investing a lot of money. Therefore, you need to determine what you are buying. SCIpin ensures the utmost satisfaction of clients.

      1) Own Factory

      The company operates independently and provides ample space for all workers to work comfortably. Integrated units can work independently, yet maintain harmony and collaboration.

      2) Experienced Workforce

      The team consists of integrated units for better collaborative control. These units include a complete set of production processes: drawing, engraving, forming, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing, and EDM. Each team is an expert in its field and is accountable to its own department, ensuring minimal room for default.

      3) Price

      MedalsChina has a fixed price in line with the market. They use high-quality materials to ensure the long-lasting value of their products while staying within a reasonable price range. Bulk orders are of course handled differently. The price, however, is determined by the materials used.

      4) Quality and Certification

      SCIpin offers the highest quality sports medals on the market. We ensure that the raw materials used are of high quality and will not tarnish. It ensures that all products meet the quality testing standards of EN71 and CE.

      5) Delivery Time

      By employing a professional team, we ensure that our products meet high-quality standards and ensure fast delivery capabilities. In any case, we don’t want our customers to be disappointed.

      6) Multiple Options

      You can choose from a variety of products. We also provide customized projects for our clients. nothing is impossible.

      Sport Medal-06

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      13. Conclusion

      No sporting event is complete without the awarding of athletic medals. For every athlete, no matter what level of competition he or she competes in, there is always a goal in mind and these medals are the driving force towards that goal. When they get an athletic medal, they are more motivated to go for more.

      If you are building a business of medals, then make sure you hire a professional and experienced team capable of mass-producing these sports and other medals at minimal cost. This is only possible if the team understands the technology and craftsmanship behind the process.

      If you are a bulk buyer of sports medals, please ensure that the company you use to purchase these medals meets the above specifications for producing these sports medals. These medals are important so crafting is equally important because they are a memory that needs to be preserved for a long time.

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