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      How to Select Medals for Schools?


      Medals, trophies, and even awards play a vital role in a student’s life. The medal awarded by the school teacher is of great significance. The Student Recognition Program provides a platform for schools to award medals for hard-working students to receive public recognition for their efforts through these medals and awards.

      As a professional custom medal manufacturer in China, SICpin summarizes this selection guide for school medals and hopes it can help our clients.

      1. Medal and Its Significance

      Medals are awarded to participants and even judges for excellence in performance compared to others. While there are various medals based on human achievement, school medals, including athletic meet school medals or academic medals for school pupils, are always prized.

      Punishing students to motivate them is normal school or home practice, but awarding medals to hardworking students is not out of date either. When hard-working students receive medals or certificates, it not only makes their work stand out from others, but it also motivates them to work for future achievements and motivates other students to study harder.

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      2. Types of School Medals:

      When it comes to schools, it’s common practice to recognize students who excel, including student of the year, class leader, unique position holders in exams, reading, art, maths, field days, and even spelling bee champions. Every educational institution makes sure that not a single hard-working student is missed.

      Therefore, we focus on the activities of awarding medals to schools to commend all kinds of hardworking students. Typically, school medals fall into two categories:

      1) Games School Medals

      The Sports Day School Medal is awarded to students who have achieved significant achievements in sports. These school medals are meant to inspire young athletes, enable them to take part in national and international competitions with determination, and add stars to their educational institutions.

      Sports school medals include basketball medals, football medals, volleyball medals, and swimming medals. Other sports series also include track and field awards and awards for men’s and women’s track and field events, relays, sprints, and hurdles.

      2) Academic School Medals

      These medals are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence. To honor these shining stars, Academic Medals were presented at an event in recognition of their hard work.

      Sicpin medals are available in a wide variety and educational institutions can choose academic medals for different categories of schools. These categories include reading or spelling, art or science or spelling, etc. Medals can be gold, silver, or bronze plated, and are also available in antique or glossy finishes.

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      Academic School Medals

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      3. The Purpose of the Medal in the School:

      School medals are usually awarded based on academic or athletic achievement. Students are recognized for a variety of achievements, including improved academic performance, evidence of a love of learning, and exemplary attitudes and behavior.

      Some set an example, while others decide to learn despite their disabilities. School teachers and administrators take great pride in discovering the many ways in which students should be recognized. The school badges are designed with this motivating fact in mind.

      School medals promise to create meaningful moments of awareness, inspire others, and reinforce behaviors that lead to positivity in others. This is why schools offer many opportunities to reward students for their efforts, achievements, and contributions to the school and community.

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      4. How Do I Order Medals for My School?

      There are many medal or trophy and trophy manufacturers in the market. While some schools also choose to award trophies instead of medals or awards, the choice between school medals or trophies depends on the school’s activities.

      These school medals from various suppliers are manufactured with various manufacturing materials. From plastic to glass to bronze—you name it, they’ve got it. The greater choice of school suppliers in the market and the availability of more medals means that educational institutions should conduct more detailed research when selecting the most reliable metal suppliers for their events.

      It would be unwise to overlook the quality of the school medals you award to hard-working students. Medals or trophies awarded to students by schools, colleges, and universities reflect the brand image of the school, and students should be awarded a medal of high quality.

      Medals awarded to students communicate the practical significance of their success and how proud the organization is to have them. The internet world is filled with medal suppliers for various purposes. They offer schools a wide variety of medals according to their requirements and budget.

      School meals can be purchased with or without ribbons, or can be embossed or engraved to customize for special events. All customization options can be found on the medal supplier’s online site.

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      5. Where can I Buy School Medals?

      Buying medals for schools online is the easiest way – it saves a lot of time and effort. All it takes is a little electronic market research, contacting the medal manufacturer, selecting the purpose and date of the event, and confirming your order. Orders will be delivered to your door within the above times.

      I have a client who is a smart lock supplier, She orders some sports medals for her son’s school by this online way. SICpin met her a few years ago, and at present, we still maintain close cooperation.

      The process is just a few clicks away. Therefore, if an organization is purchasing medals for a corporate event or is interested in purchasing medals for a school, the online option is the easiest and safest option. Finding and selecting the right medal supplier is important.

      Of course, no educational institution wants to honor its students with shoddy medals. They want something decent to them that they can cherish for a lifetime. The school’s medals are awarded for excellence and are for life.

      Furthermore, if an organization makes the mistake of choosing the wrong medal supplier, it will fail to deliver the medals within the stipulated time frame, and the dream of turning a dream into reality may be ruined. Before considering these important facts, do you end up choosing a vendor to buy medals for your school?

      Where can I Buy School Medals?

      1) Fact 1: Manufacturer’s Certification

      This is the most important step. Before you do anything else, check out the medal manufacturer’s company certificate page. The general perception is that all reliable medal suppliers have these pages, reflecting their market value in a particular industry.

      The medal supplier has a certified company certificate page, has a good reputation in the market, and delivers high-quality medals to customers on time.

      Next, look at the various badges offered by badge vendors. Choose from metal suppliers who offer a variety of medals, awards, or trophies. Please visit the company’s official website. This is a great feature if you can offer your customers multiple options.

      This means that medal suppliers can meet the needs of organizations, and organizations can order custom medals in bulk. If your organization is looking for a medal manufacturer, the most important thing is that it has a good reputation in the market.

      Otherwise, you may run into problems later. Since schools require different kinds of medals for different purposes, we recommend a medal supplier that offers a variety of options. Find and choose a company that offers medals in different styles and shapes.

      2) Fact 2: Authentic and User-friendly Website

      A medal provider must have a user-friendly website. Choice Website is a medal maker with a user-friendly website, which means that it can also be opened from a smartphone. A user-friendly website makes selecting and placing an order an easy process.

      The next thing to consider on a website is content. Content is king in the digital world because it reflects the brand. Please read the content available on the website to learn more about medal suppliers and their products before making your final decision.

      This content helps customers check whether a particular medal supplier is making the medals they are looking for and make an informed decision.

      3) Fact 3: Great Customer Service

      Choose a medal supplier that offers great customer service. The role of medal suppliers is very important. Because if you happen to receive an inferior, worthless medal, you can exchange it or get your money back right away. Medallion suppliers who deliver reliability to their customers are highly recommended suppliers.

      4) Fact 4: The School’s Medal of Excellence

      Schools honor students with medals. Medal suppliers need to provide high-quality medals to their customers. The medal supplier selected by the school must guarantee the quality of the medals provided to the school. There are many medal manufacturers in the market that offer high-quality medals and ensure added value for the medals they sell.

      Fact 4: The School's Medal of Excellence

      5) Fact 5: A Special Engraving Process

      If you are planning to purchase medals in bulk for a special event and have your company logo or special message engraved, choose a medal supplier with experienced engravers.

      Engraving medals and trophies are crafts that require special attention throughout the process. The ability of the engraver determines the quality of the engraving and thus determines the quality of the entire medal.

      Medal engravings are popular these days not only to encourage attendees and judges but also to make an event more memorable. By consulting and selecting a medal supplier with the highest engraving quality, you can gain ideas and guidance to make your medals more attractive at upcoming events

      6) Fact 6: On-time Delivery

      Choose a medal supplier who delivers on time even when buying in bulk. Choose a medal supplier who takes care of the entire manufacturing and engraving process and delivers the medals in time to allow you to make any necessary modifications in time.

      7) Fact 7: Budgets matter

      Budget is an important consideration for schools when purchasing medals for them. Schools should choose a medal supplier who will provide the school with medals at a low price without compromising on manufacturing materials.

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      6. What is the School medal price

      The same thing in the market has different prices. Every manufacturer marks their items with different prices and there could be any reason behind this. When schools buy medals and trophies, most of them are picky about the price. Here are some of the reasons that play a major role in school medal pricing.

      1) Medal Price Based on Manufacturer

      China has excellent medal manufacturers. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and other places are the cities where famous medal manufacturers in the country are located. The price of school medals varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from region to region because regional ethics and manufacturer conditions are different.

      Some companies in the market mark the price of medals according to the customer’s willingness to pay. Some medal makers are selling medals at high prices because they are using the latest technology to manufacture and engrave medals for schools.

      However, the price of medals also depends on the quality of the medals. Some of the larger medal manufacturers offer affordable medal prices because they have larger equipment and more staff to mass-produce medals for schools.

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      Medal Price Based on Manufacturer

      2) Medal Price Based on Location

      Like everything else, school medal prices are local. Different places have different markets for medals, so manufacturers price them accordingly. The price of school medals also depends on the local way of life.

      Medals are more expensive in more expensive regions than in regions with a relatively cheap lifestyle. In regions with high quality and low prices, medal manufacturers can choose to mass-produce medals, and at the same time can find cheap labor, so the overall price of medals is lower.

      Therefore, if a school or other educational institution wants to order school medals, the importance of location should be considered in medal pricing. But while keeping pace with the budget, the quality of the medals cannot be ignored. A medal is a lifetime memory and the only memory for a student.

      3) Medal Price Based on Source

      The origin of the medal also determines the price of the school medal.   School authorities should check whether they are purchasing medals from direct or indirect sources. If the medal is purchased from an indirect source, say a medal or trophy shop, it charges a hefty fee. If school medals are purchased directly from medal manufacturers, the price will be relatively cheaper than that on the market. Save money by buying medals from direct sources.

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      4) Customized Medals and Their Prices

      Today, schools and businesses customize medals for their events and to make their recipients feel even more special. Custom medals are usually more expensive than in-store medals. The reason is that custom medals require more effort and more modifications.

      5) Feature-based Pricing

      The price of school medals also depends on various factors such as size, thickness, design, manufacturing process, and ribbon color. Larger and engraved school medals for schools cost more. The larger the size and thickness of the medal, the more material is required and the more expensive.

      Feature-based Pricing

      7. How Does the School Keep the Medals?

      Your school medals are the most important asset in your educational journey. These medals are also important when applying for college scholarships. That means it’s important to not only store but also display your achievements.

      • Keep your school medals in a glass case. When left outside, exposure to air and moisture can cause metals to corrode quickly.
      • If you happen to find any oil smudges or fingertips, use a polishing cloth to gently remove them. You only polish your badge once a month. Always polish the medal in one direction. Do not use a polishing paste.

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      8. Conclusion

      School medals are the most important part of any student’s life. These medals are not only to draw attention to their hard work but also to inspire other students.

      School medals can be awarded for academic excellence or for athletics – the reasons can be either, but the smiles a medal brings to a student cannot be ignored. With so many medal makers on the market, schools should make an informed decision before choosing their final medal maker.

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