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No matter which country you are in, National Day is a very important festival.
The National Days of Middle Eastern countries such as UAE and Qatar are particularly lively.  From national leaders to ordinary people, they are very keen on this kind of magnet badges worn on clothes.

Soft enamel, hard enamel, and print are all common processes for this type of pin badge. The printed badge can restore the picture 1:1, while the enamel badges have a more metallic and pigmented texture. 

In addition to the display and collection functions of badges themselves, they can also extend far-reaching social significance. For example, to expand the influence of the event, to shorten the distance between people, to create a more comfortable interactive atmosphere, and so on. You are very welcome to contact us to achieve the most successful event goals

Featured National Day Badge Examples

National Day badge - 3

UAE National Day Badge

  • Every year, the UAE National Day is very popular, and everyone wears their favorite National Day badge.
National Day badge -

Oman National Day Badge

  • National Day badges are selling well in all the Middle East, including Oman.
  • The back of the badge is usually a magnet.
Middle East badge

Qatar Flag Badge

  • The colors of the various badges are usually derived from the colors of the national flag.
  • It is usually combined with a national emblem or national flag.

The 49th National Day Badge

  • Every year, the UAE National Day is very big.
  • Badges are usually red, green, white, and black, not very fancy, and the back is usually a magnet.

Country Officer Badge

  • The country’s leaders are absolute idols in the Middle East.
  • Their characters are often made into enamel badges to wear on clothing.
National Day badge - 2

UAE Falcon Hanging Badge

  • Combination enamel badge with ribbon.
  • The symbol of a country is very sacred and represents the spirit of the country.

Qatar National Day Badge

  • Qatar National Day Lapel Pin Badge With Magnet.
  • The State of Qatar is a proud people with a rich heritage.

The 50th National Day Badge

  • The 50th National Day of UAE is the biggest ever.
  • Almost everyone in UAE wore the 50th National Day Badge.

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We can provide customized service according to customers’ drawings or ideas.

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National Day Badge Manufacturer FAQ

No MOQ, no matter how many peices you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

Methods: Paypal, Credit card, Payoneer, Western Union, TT.
Term: 50% upfront, the rest half is before shipping but after finished product picture confirmed by you.

About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

Different colored and shaped rubber pin backs can be provided for your selection.

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