Quality Control

Under today’s severe global economic situation, the metal crafts industry has still achieved very rapid development in design, production, promotion, retail and other fields. In the past three years, the global market growth rate of the metal crafts industry has been as high as 4.4%, and it has continued to rise.

According to statistics, metal badge factories are located in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian etc., and have formed mature industrial chains. In such a hot industry situation, SICpin, as one of the best manufacturers in Zhongshan, Guangdong, has been winning the trust of customers with quality first for many years. Let’s first take a real employee case to see how the SICpin factory guarantees high quality badge delivery.

  • In 2015, Xiao Zhao joined SICpin as a new employee. He officially started working after participating in the company’s one-week skills training. He took charge of trimming and polishing. In the first month, due to imperfect control of the polishing details, some problems of his work arose such as rough edges and too heavy polishing on the surface. Only through the quality inspection of the quality inspector and supervisor did the normal progress of production not be delayed. After several times of guidance and correction from his supervisor, Xiao Zhao completed the skills assessment and finally started to get on the right track.
  • Xiao Zhao needs to continually participate in skills training and assessment 4 times each year. Usually, the supervisor will conduct spot checks on his skills, and Zhao’s skills have improved by leaps and bounds.
  • In 2017, at the year-end skills competition, Zhao won first place and received generous bonuses.
  • Xiao Zhao has been promoted several times over the years, relying on his professional skills and attitude to excellence. Finally in 2022, he was promoted to serve as production supervisor! He began to be responsible for formulating training plans, implementing training courses, formulating quality assessments, and participating in industry seminars and exhibitions.
  • In 2023, due to Zhao’s excellent management, the yield rate of A grade reached the highest level in history, and he won the title of the best manager of the year in the factory.

1. Strict quality standards

No rules no standards. Setting strict quality standards is definitely the first priority to improve product quality. All customers who come to SICpin for factory inspections praise our quality standards.

  • Standards: Clarify high-quality standards for each process, and implement the quality requirements for each workshop, each process, and each product;
  • Spare parts: 10%-30% of spare parts will be added to each order in actual production to make up for process losses and prevent normal production progress from being affected;
  • Responsibility: Subdivide the quality control responsibility of each process to each employee, and formulate a strict reward and punishment system;
  • Quality inspection: Set up a mobile quality inspection process. Quality inspectors need to work in various workshops to strictly inspect each order in each process. In particular, finished products requires full inspection by quality inspectors before packing and salespeople before delivery;
  • Measures: Once defective products are discovered, all departments will work together to repair or redo the work immediately, and report to the salesperson and supervisor.

SICpin’s quality standards have always been higher than those in the same industry. We firmly believe that only high quality standards can win the trust of customers.

2. Strengthen employee training

Most processes of metal badge require manual operations, so employees must be the first element in quality control.

  • New employee training: New employees can take up their posts only after passing the training. After taking up the position, they need to work under the guidance of a one-to-one master. You can operate independently only after you have passed all the processes within one month;
  • Training courses: Improve skills training from various aspects including curriculum formulation, training courses, and regular evaluation. Provide employees with training courses on product quality, including basic knowledge of quality management, understanding of quality standards, quality control methods in the production process, etc.;
  • Introduction of advanced technology: Production managers and experienced technicians need to participate in industry seminars and systematic training no less than three times a year, introduce first-class process technology, and complete in-plant employee training in a short period of time;
  • Technical support: Factory managers provide advanced technical support to ensure that employees can solve problems in time when they encounter problems during the production process;
  • Open for suggestions: Establish a culture of continuous improvement, encourage employees to make suggestions for improvement, and incorporate them into training and production processes.
  • Cultivation of awareness: At the same time, cultivate employees’ quality awareness and make them realize that everyone is responsible for product quality. Emphasize the impact of each employee’s work on the quality of the final product and encourage them to take responsibility for the quality of their own work.

3. Reward and punishment system

SICpin has established a complete reward and punishment system to motivate employees to actively improve work quality, which greatly helps quality management without putting the cart before the horse. It must also follow the principle of fairness and justice, and must be consistent with the company’s quality goals and culture.

  • Reward outstanding performance: Set up a quality control reward mechanism, such as monthly or quarterly employee recognition, bonuses for outstanding employees, promotion of positions or salary increases, etc., to encourage employees to actively participate in quality management and achieve outstanding results.
  • Quality bonus system: build a quality-related bonus system, such as issuing bonuses based on product qualification rate or the implementation of quality improvement proposals, to encourage employees to pay attention to quality and actively improve.
  • Team rewards: Emphasize the cooperation and joint efforts of each workshop, set up a team reward mechanism, and encourage employees to jointly complete quality goals to stimulate team cohesion and cooperative spirit.

  • Implement a strict quality penalty system: Establish a strict quality penalty system to appropriately punish losses or delays caused by quality problems to ensure that employees pay attention to quality control.
  • Regular evaluation and feedback: Setup a regular performance evaluation mechanism to provide timely quality feedback and improvement suggestions to employees to promote continuous improvement.
  • Timely adjustments and improvements: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the reward and punishment system, and make timely adjustments and improvements based on the actual situation to ensure that the reward and punishment mechanism can effectively promote the improvement of production quality.

4. Procurement and Maintenance

Raw materials and machines are undoubtedly important factors in determining quality. In terms of procurement and maintenance, what kind of experience can SICpin share?

  • Purchaser: Each purchasing employee needs to be trained by the purchasing manager and production supervisor. Only after passing the qualification he can start the job to carry out purchasing work;
  • Purchasing standards: The factory has strict standards for each raw material. Buyers must purchase under the conditions that meet the standards, and buyers need to conduct random inspections of each batch of raw materials. If they are unqualified, they must be returned;
  • Supplier maintenance: Set up a supplier evaluation system and regularly evaluate and supervise suppliers, including auditing and inspecting their quality management system, production process, product quality, etc.;
  • Machine maintenance: Build a regular machine maintenance plan and train professional machine operators. Maintenance personnel need to inspect the operating status of machines in the workshop every day to ensure high-quality and efficient production.

All the above measures and standards have been strictly implemented by SICpin. Customer feedback is the only criterion for testing quality. Through quality control, factories can produce products with competitive advantages, win customer trust, expand market share, and enhance corporate competitiveness. Customers from various regions are welcome to visit the factory for guidance, and we are also welcome to provide us with more suggestions or opinions.

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