Questions & Answers

1. What’s your MOQ?
No MOQ, no matter how many peices you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

2. What parameters do I need to provide to get a quote?
Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

3. What if I don’t understand design and can’t provide sketches?
We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

4. What are the methods and terms of payment?
Methods: Paypal, Credit card, Payoneer, Western Union, TT.
Term: 50% upfront, the rest half is before shipping but after finished product picture confirmed by you.

5. How fast is your turn around time once the production artwork proof is approved?
About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

6. Do you do different colored rubber pin backs?
Different colored and shaped rubber pin backs can be provided for your selection.

7. What plating options do you have?
Gold, nickel, black nickel, silver, rose gold, dyed metal, rainbow metal are wildly used for enamel pins, we can do them all.

8. What features can you do?
Epoxy coating, Pin on pin, Translucent sandblasting, Glow in the dark, Spinner, Slider, Back stamp, Screen printing, UV print, Glitter, Pearlescent, Stained glass and so on.

9. Do you do thorough quality check on each and every pin I order?
Every product will go through strict inspection before going out.

10. Do you display my pin photos on public platforms without permission? Will the mold be used by others?
Photos will be NOT displayed without your permission. As a vendor, only manufacturing rights are authorised, we don’t sell and use your mold to any other person.

11. Do you have reliable, quick and honest communication? Like if I message you, how long does it usually take for a reply?
We provide the real info and sincere suggestions without reservation. Your emails/messages will be replied within 12 hours on weekdays. If not happy with our communication, please feel free to contact our manager any time.