Custom Hard Enamel Pin

Hard enamel pin, also called Cloisonné. It’s an ancient metalworking technique for jewelry, vases, and other collectibles in ancient times. Each color needs to be hand-filled. It needs baking as long as each color is filled circularly till completing the whole pin design colors. Then polished to a smooth finish and plating your custom metal.

Obviously, hard enamel is more expensive than soft enamel. however, it has a jewelry-like appearance with a high perceived value.

For hard enamel pin design, the smallest minimum color area 0.3mm and the raised metal line thickness should be 0.2mm. For some designs that need to be cut, the cut area needs to be at least 2mm.

Screen print is a great way to of showing small details on hard enamel. It can show the details of the color when the fill enamel color cannot, such as the eyelash or pupil of cartoon characters.