How has enamel color difference occurred?

There are more than 1,000 Pantone colors used for enamel pins. Let SICpin explain to you the mystery from the perspective of color mixing.


Impact of Novel coronavirus pneumonia on enamel pin industry

How much does the Novel coronavirus pneumonia affect the enamel pin industry? Is it just a delay for the work resumes of factory?


Why so many good illustrators love enamel pin industry?

Do you know why so many good illustrators love enamel pin badge industry? SICpin interviewed some illustrator artists. Come to see what…

No price list

Use custom pin quote list, you are gonna get ripped off!

When you would like to get a design into real product such as custom pin badge / medal etc, knowing about the cost of making a badge seems to be a…

medal case

Case: what design assistance can we provide?

What if you only have idea but don’t know how to make a drawing?
What if you only have sketche but don’t know the color scheme? We’d love to do is…


Why has BTS pin become so popular?

In the recent two years, SICpin has received a large number of BTS enamel pin orders. There are plenty of BTS sellers and fans emerged on Etsy, Instagram and other social platforms…