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A medal is usually made as an art work or a commemorative object. The medals are commonly used in various events, for finishers, medals symbolize struggle, persistence, and honor.

Custom medals are almost identical to lapel pins in the production process. SICpin offers a full range of services such as die-struck medal, soft enamel medal, 3D medal, etc. Regardless of the quantity, the medal ribbons also can be customized to match the style of the medal.

We have always been adhering to the highest quality and most professional service to meet customer badge needs. The highest monthly output of medals reaches 130,000 pcs and satisfaction rate has reached 99.6%.

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From concept to shipping, SICpin provides high quality and fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.

No MOQ, no matter how many peices you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

Methods: Paypal, Credit card, Payoneer, Western Union, TT.
Term: 50% upfront, the rest half is before shipping but after finished product picture confirmed by you.

About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

Different colored and shaped rubber pin backs can be provided for your selection.

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An Ultimate Buying Guide to Custom Sports Medals

Today, custom sports medals are the preferred choice of most companies and organizations, as they know that custom medals are the best way to increase awareness, make marketing strategies successful, and serve other purposes at any sporting event. Let’s take a closer look at everything you should know about custom medals before selecting and purchasing them for your sporting event:

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    1. Introduction to Custom Sports Medals:

    Many types of medals exist in the market. Different medals have different prices and different attributes, because they are crafted from different materials for different purposes. However, you can choose between stock medals and custom medals.

    1)Definition of Custom Sports Medal

    To know what custom sports medals are, we first need to know what custom medals are. Customized medals are medals made by different medal companies according to customers’ ideas and requirements. Clients hand over the designs to the company and tell them everything they need and want in a medallion for their event or any other purpose. This is how custom medals are made.

    If your event is sports related then you can place your order the same way and they will provide you with a custom sports medal. So, custom sports medals have many benefits. This is why most organizations and companies that host sporting events are increasingly relying on custom sports medals these days.

    2) Wide Application of Custom Sports Medal

    Custom sports medals can be produced, including running medals, swimming medals, cycling medals, golf medals, karate medals, archery medals and more. If you opt for a custom sports medal then you have the opportunity to customize it to look exactly the way you want, you can use different types of custom metal finishes such as soft or hard enamel and choose iron according to your budget and requirements and other materials, brass or zinc alloy, etc. You can do this for all kinds of medals, including any kind of running medal.

    Custom Sports Medals-01

    2. Which Part of Sports Medals can be Customized?

    If you’re looking to raise your profile through sporting events in some unique ways, custom sports medals will play a big part in that. With custom sports medals, you have the opportunity to prioritize important details about your company or organization.

    1) Engraving Content

    Most running medals and other custom sports medals are not very large so that they can be worn perfectly by the participant. As a result, there is not much room for writing on the medal. But if you want custom sports medals, you can add anything according to your choice and requirement. Therefore, you will have a good opportunity to add all the basic words, such as the business slogan and the name of the program and organization.

    Doing so will add more visibility to your company and event, and thus more convenience.Medals have been with us for a long time. If you choose already made stock medals, you won’t pick anything but typically designed medals. That way, you can never challenge the norm.

    However, if you work with custom sports medals, then you can challenge the norm and create something out of the box. This will allow you to use your creativity when crafting running medals, the more creativity you use, the more unique the medal will be. The more unique the medal, the more visibility you get from the event.

    2) Intented Use of Sport Medal

    With custom sports medals, you can reinvent tradition and make something truly custom. If you choose to custom sports medals, you can be sure to run your medals to their best functionality. With custom athletic medals, you’ll be able to choose the perfect size for your receiver. You will be able to choose the perfect ribbon for your medal, which is great for your company’s marketing.

    You can choose materials and colors according to your preferences when you order custom sports medals. For your sporting events, you can choose whatever you like and durable materials can be chosen.

    Custom Sports Medals-02

    3. Custom Sports Medal Types:

    We already know that customized sports medals refer to the types of medals produced completely according to the requirements of customers. Since customers are free to choose any medal they want, they can have a wide variety of custom sports medals from running medals to tennis medals. The types of custom sports medals are listed below:

    • Marathon medal. (including 5K medals, 10K medals, finisher medals).
    • running medal
    • swimming medal
    • participation medal
    • soccer medal
    • golf medal
    • soccer medal
    • boxing medal
    • racing medal
    • basketball medal
    • wrestling medal
    • baseball medal
    • bicycle medal
    • karate medal
    • archery medal
    • cricket medal
    • cycling trophy
    • tennis medal

    Each of these medals has such a shape and design that it can be seen from their appearance what kind of sports medal they are. Among the marathon medals and running medals you will see men running. Just like a cycling medal contains the shape of a cyclist and a football medal contains the shape of a person playing football.

    That’s why each sports medal is unique and you can distinguish them from each other. Just as we can tell what a custom sports medal is by glancing at it, the recipient of the medal can recognize a different medal and remember its achievement. Custom sports medals are available in three shapes. The shape of the medal is:

    • 1) Normal circle or rectangle
    • 2) Irregular shapes, sandblasted or hollowed out
    • 3) Customize the shape as needed

    Custom sports medals are just the event you want. That’s why you just have the opportunity to customize any shape you want. You can use it to break out of the box and create shapes you don’t use often. Or you can simply choose any irregular shape or normal circle or rectangle. If you buy custom sports medals from us, you have complete freedom to choose any shape. We’ll bring your entire design vision to life, including any shape you choose.

    4. What are the Best Ribbons for Custom Sports Medals?

    It is very important to choose the most suitable ribbon for your running medal. To choose the best ribbon for your custom sports medal, let’s take a look at the types of ribbon.

    1) Color Option

    First, there is a solid color ribbon type. This is good for adding simplicity to running medals. Color can be matched with medal color. This type of ribbon can be a solid or striped ribbon. If you want to go totally simple then you can choose one color and if you want to add more color then striped ribbon is perfect for running medals. It is the perfect ribbon for you if you are on a budget and don’t want any pattern on your ribbon. You can then choose to print the ribbon in one color or two colors.

    2) Printing Content or Position

    You can put your business slogan or motivational words or event name with anything else. Here, you also have two colors and one color to choose from. This means printing our logo or letters in one or two colors in the woven ribbon. Ribbons can be printed on both sides or one side if desired.

    If you want more custom sports medals than mentioned above, such as more colors for the logo and added text on the ribbon, then sublimated ribbons are the best choice for you. It is also called colored ribbon because you are free to add different colors if you use this type of ribbon. This can be printed with logo and letters on both sides. It is known to be a quality ribbon.

    Custom Sports Medals-03

    5. How Much Does A Custom Sports Medal Cost?

    There are many cause affecting the medal cost:

    1) Production Area

    There are some great medal makers all over China. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian are known for making excellent custom sports medals in China. If you choose custom sports medals from a manufacturer that has been making running medals for decades, and if they have a large factory with a lot of experienced workers, the prices will be more expensive there compared to a new company that is not yet mature.

    Some companies set prices for custom sports medals based on what they think customers are willing to pay. If you want custom sports medals at the best price, the best place to buy the best quality medals at the most affordable price is Dongguan City. The city is located in Guangdong Province.

    2) Direct or Indirect Source

    You also need to check whether the source of your purchase of custom sports medals is a direct source or an indirect source.  If you buy running medals from an indirect source, then you will have to pay a higher fee. If you buy custom sports medals from a direct source, you can save a lot of money.

    3) Type of Material

    However, the cost of a custom sports medal will depend on the materials used on the medal. Some materials cost more and some materials cost less. More costly materials will be more durable and of better quality for your custom sports medals.

    The larger the size and thickness, the more material is required to make the medal. And the more materials, the higher the cost. A direct source can save you a lot of money on custom sports medals.

    Custom Sports Medals-04

    6. How to Choose A Reliable Manufacturer to Buy Custom Sports Medals:?

    Before you buy a custom sports medal or running medal, you need to make sure that you are not buying from a middleman. You need to first determine if they are authentic sources. When you buy your medals from authentic sources from authentic manufacturers, the middleman will not be able to make any profit. That’s why you’ll get cost-effective custom sports medal prices.

    1) Search Online

    You can find many custom sports medal factories all over the world. But if you want to find the best medal manufacturer, then you should search in China. Because all the biggest exporters are from China. Many factories there have more than 10-20 years of experience in making custom medals. If you want to choose the best medal manufacturer in China, then you must look for it in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

    2) Check the Website of Medal Manufacturer

    Then, you have to look for some other factors to find the most reliable custom sports medal manufacturers such as their website and how secure their website is. You need to check how many payment methods they have added on the site and also check how big their medal collection is.  After that, you need to read the FAQ section on the website and then read the reviews given by previous customers on the website.

    3) Price and Quality

    If you find everything on the site to be safe and sound, then you can look forward to ordering custom sports medals. In this way, find 3-5 custom sports medal suppliers, and then compare prices and service quality. After comparing, choose the one that you feel is the best for you. Our company has all the characteristics required to be the most reliable custom sports medal manufacturer.


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