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    No MOQ, no matter how many pieces you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

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    Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

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    We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

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      How to Design Backer Cards for Custom Pins

      How to Design Backer Cards for Custom Pins


      Usually, people only notice the beautiful enamel pins and ignore the backer cards behind the enamel pins. With a backer card, the enamel pin displays perfectly within the packaging. Therefore, the backer card of the pin is also very important. Of course, we can also make our own backer cards. In today’s guide, let’s explore how to make a backer card for a pin.

      1. What are backer cards?

      A backing card or a backer card is a small piece of card stock, Slightly thicker than a business card, attached to or present on the back of an enamel pin or other accessory such as jewelry. Pin cushion card is the most ideal and commonly used packaging method for hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins. Backing cards for pins are more than just packaging as they act like a complete canvas, giving you the freedom and space to share your company or brand and its creativity beyond the limitations of an enamel or lapel pin.

      Whether you’re designing pins for sale or planning to give them to your employees, including a thoughtful and beautiful message on a liner card is a great way to achieve an impressive presentation and showcase your creativity. The pins are worth supporting for the beautiful display the card offers.

      backer cards

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      2. Benefits of using backer cards

      There are many benefits to packaging enamel pins with backer cards, here are some introductions.

      1) Personalized packaging

      Backer cards give you the opportunity to add a personalized message that reflects your brand and allows you to reach your customers personally. Today, personalized packaging is one of the most popular ways to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement. You can add your brand name and logo to your sponsorship card, as well as custom text, which can be a quote, a popular phrase, or a simple thank you message of your own writing. This will greatly attract customers and they will want to buy enamel pins from you.

      2) Brand promotion

      Another benefit of using an enamel pin-backed card is that customers can see your branding, which includes your logo, brand name, and colors. It is well known that brand has a significant impact on sales so that your customers will take your brand home with them and it will remain in their hearts for a long time. Additionally, this increases the likelihood of repeat customers who will remember your name when they need to purchase an enamel pin.

      3) Social media presence

      Social media presence is crucial for any business these days and you can grow your online following organically just by placing your brand’s social media links on your backer cards. Also, it allows your loyal customers to continue following your page on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to know about your new enamel pin designs and products. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can also sell your enamel pins online, thus increasing your overall sales. Thus, backer cards can also be used to leverage online and physical sales.

      4) Help your product stand out

      As the name suggests, backer cards act as a backdrop for custom enamel pins and give them a 3D appearance, which makes them more attractive to customers. It’s like a canvas on which you can print or design anything to make your enamel pins stand out. If you have a vibrant or colorful enamel pin that doesn’t really need any embellishment, you can keep your backer card as simple as possible. Even the simplest design can help your enamel pins look more attractive to your customers.

      5) Easy to design

      Another reason why you can easily incorporate backer cards into your enamel pin business is that they don’t require any detailed design work or Difficult processes. If you’re just getting started with backer cards, you don’t need a lot of planning or designing, and you can even use colored cardstock and gold or silver markers. For inspiration, you can check out some backer card ideas on the internet to see what would work best for your business.

      backer cards

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      3. How to design backer cards for custom pins

      Here’s information on how to make a backer card.

      1) Select your backer card size and style

      The enamel pin backing card should be large enough to fit all the items you want buyers to see and thick enough so that it does not bend during shipping and storage. The most common backer card sizes are 2″ x 3″ rectangular or 2″ x 2″ square. The most common thicknesses are 0.5 mm or 1 mm.

      For comparison, a typical business card measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and is approximately 0.35 mm thick. Of course, using larger cards gives you room to expand more design elements. It can even make room for multiple pins on one card, which is a really cool way to package free pins.

      The larger card has enough space for two pins, as well as the client’s branding and an attractive hashtag. But bigger isn’t always better. The larger the card, the easier it will bend in a shipping box or wallet. So if your card is larger than the standard size, you’ll also want a thicker card, or else you’ll have messy creases.

      Since card costs increase with size and thickness, you can quickly cut into your pin profits. For most jobs, a standard-size, standard-thickness card is enough to do everything you want to do.

      2) Include necessary details

      Like mini billboards, sponsorship cards give you a place to promote your business and share what’s great about your brand. At the very least, make sure these details are included in your design.

      3) Contact information

      The most important thing is to add contact details such as your email address or website. Whenever someone gives someone a pin or posts it on any social media site, others will wonder where they came from.

      #1. Social Media Hashtags

      Don’t forget to add your social media account information to the backer card as this is a great way to increase your followers. Place your account handle and social media platform’s icon on the front of the backer card.

      backer cards

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      4) Brand promotion

      Use these mini billboards to increase your brand awareness and visibility with dedicated fonts that include your brand logo, color scheme, and pin-backed cards. Even the smallest backer card has many benefits, so you should take advantage of the opportunity.

      5) Write meaningful words

      It would be great if you could add something unique that you would like to say to all your customers. So backer cards provide this opportunity to remind people about you.

      #1. An interesting message

      You can also add some interesting information to your backer card. There are several ways to increase the appeal of your backer cards; you can add

      • Inspiring words.
      • An interesting fact.
      • Pun.
      • Or some real facts.​

      #2. Personal Notes

      A personal note will directly tell customers the creator behind the pun they just purchased. You can add your signature as artists often add some sort of personal effect to their artwork.

      #3. Award Details

      Badges are a great way to honor teammates, customers, and employees with awards. Most of the time, a small pin cannot contain all the details, so you should utilize backer cards to add some messaging for meaningful events.

      backer cards

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      6) Lining cards add visual style

      Whenever someone sees some creative and eye-catching packaging, like a beautiful background card, certain parts of our brains related to impulsive decision-making and rewards light up. The implication is that an attractive card back will increase your sales and catch the eye of more customers.

      #1. Use bright colors to make the pin pop

      To attract some eyeballs to your pin, you should choose a bright and beautiful color for your background card. It should relate to the color and design of the pin to increase its appeal. The color of the backing card should complement, not compete with, the beauty and design of the pin it carries, so it is important that you choose the right color.

      #2. Combine pins with baking card designs

      The most creative way to use pin-backed cards is to make the design or artwork of the pin look like a natural addition to the pin. Artists can use backing cards to make the pins stand out. Therefore, you can add some artwork to incorporate and highlight the pin’s artwork to make it look more attractive.

      #3. A way to send any visual message

      You can use lining cards to convey visual messages such as equal rights for women, everyone is equal, gender rights, and gender roles. Whether you’re using a rainbow to show acceptance and inclusion or a pink ribbon to raise cancer awareness, a backing card can visually convey the spirit that drives your business.

      #4. Create a multi-backed card design

      You can create backing cards in a variety of designs and colors to accommodate the flexibility of your pins and their artwork. This is a great way to showcase all your products. Even pins with the same design have different colored backing cards that match the color of the design.

      Color is important, so choose the color that comes first.

      backer cards

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      4. Conclusion

      No matter what product you sell in your business, its packaging plays an important role in attracting customers and compelling them to buy from you. Backer cards can serve as the perfect backdrop for pins, making them look more attractive to customers. That’s all you need to know about how to design a pin backer card, so hurry up and make your pins look more sophisticated.

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