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      15 Custom Enamel Pins for Book Lovers


      We all like to wear our loves, our hobbies, and our passions on our sleeves. Some of the scholars had bookish tattoos, others wore artsy T-shirts and scarves, and still others wore enamel book pins. After all, metal pins were the decade’s biggest collectibles, The people who made them had the imagination and skill to turn your favorite books, quotes, people, and ideas into reality. Wear it with pride.

      Here are fifteen beautiful custom enamel pins just for book lovers! Let us take a look below.

      1. ‘Book Nerd’ by Rather Keen

      The “Nerd” hard enamel pin has a simple design reminiscent of Harry Potter, proudly displaying what we are: huge and determined nerds. The bright colors and cursive font inlaid on the book cover are stylish and attractive, making this one of the most beautiful enamel book pins.

      ‘Book Nerd’ by Rather Keen

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      2. ‘Read More’ by Ectogasm

      Of all the book enamel pins, this is one of the most elegant, colorful, and celebratory pins for sale. Oh, the details there, are so delightful. The open book, subtly three-dimensional, has a tea-stained yellow color, like the color of a classic book.

      The bookmark hangs from it. The clear font announces to all who see it that reading is beautiful; that reading is magical; that they must read more.

      Of course, the highlight is the gorgeous rose design surrounding the book, which brings so much life, color, and energy to the design. There aren’t many custom enamel pins like this little treasure.

      3. ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Literary Emporium

      Look at this hard enamel pin. Let’s see! This is one of the best metal pins money can buy for book lovers. Of course, that’s assuming you’re a fan of Wuthering Heights. As you can tell from my gushing, I’m a huge fan.

      This design really captures the tone and aesthetic of Wuthering Heights. It’s a window! The window through which Cathy’s ghost knocks, through which Kate Bush pleads with Heathcliff.

      The bare branches on the wasteland; The dark night sky; And selected quotes from the book. I love it all. This is one of my favorite custom enamel pins and I hope it is yours too.

      4. ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ by Ectogasm

      H.P. Lovecraft’s stories have seen something of a renaissance in the past few years. Writers such as Neil Gaiman have been deeply moved by his myth. The King of Horror Junji Ito inherits and coexists with the “cosmic horror” subgenre.

      And then there’s Bloodborne, my favorite video game of all time, which perfectly captures the themes, atmosphere, and tone created by HP Lovecraft. Riding a Lovecraftian love wave comes the coolest and most awesome custom enamel pin.

      If anyone you know wants proof of the wild imagination of literature, well, this pin might convince them! This pin proudly bears the name of Lovecraft’s most famous story, and the delightful detail of Cthulhu’s tentacles actually turns the page.

      If you wear a suit to work, this is probably one of the coolest custom lapel pins you can wear. Also perfect for weddings.

       ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ by Ectogasm

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      5. ‘The Raven’ by Literary Emporium

      “The Crow” is a stunning poetic achievement that uses plain storytelling and one of the most hypnotic rhythms to mesmerizing effect. The image of the crow has become as legendary as the poem itself, as does the mocking raven’s words “never again” to the forever lonely and mournful narrator.

      Here we have one of the simplest and most eye-catching custom enamel pins available and one of the cheapest! The minimalist design is understated but packs a very noticeable punch: a raven, jet black, dotted with stars and the infamous phrase.

      6. ‘Readers Gonna Read’ by Literary Emporium

      Haters will hate, and readers will read. One of the most witty and charming custom lapel pins is also one of the best book enamel pins you can buy.

      While the cheeky phrase scrawled on this most delightful metal pin is clever, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this pin a hit. The lettering, edges, and foliage are an attractive gold color that shines against the black.

      The pages open like a magic book. And, most importantly, the book is worn. Even though it’s a metal pin, it looks like an old, red leather book. This subtle affectation, all bent out of shape, goes a long way toward making this one of my favorite custom enamel pins.

      7. ‘Black Cat Wizard’ by Jomostickers

      This Harry Potter enamel pin is so addictive! Many of us love enamel pins for their lovely aesthetic, smooth shine, and the opportunity to display clear messages of our feelings, thoughts, and love.

      This Harry Potter enamel pin does all three! This is a gorgeous pin depicting the witch’s familiar black cat wearing a long Hogwarts scarf in Gryffindor colors, adorable oversized Harry Potter glasses, and his signature scar.

      If you look closely, you’ll also find a letter from Hogwarts, likely addressed to this beautiful kitten, complete with paw prints. This is a completely irresistible Harry Potter enamel pin.

      ‘Black Cat Wizard’ by Jomostickers

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      8. ‘I Read the Fucking Book’ by Bookish and Bakewell

      Are you a fan of Axis of Awesome? If you are, then you’re already laughing and clapping at this adorable hard enamel pin.

      If you’re not, well, they’re an Australian three-piece comedy band who write and perform tongue-in-cheek songs, one of which, “Rage of Power,” is based on “Killing in the Name” and embraces the rage of A. The fans of “A Song of Ice and Fire” when “Game of Thrones” was at its peak.

      The singer will repeatedly yell, “I read the fucking book!” It captures the wild energy of the song perfectly, making it a perfect gift for anyone who loves angsty books. choices, they’re tired of second-rate movies and TV adaptations and want everyone else to be like them and just read the fucking books.

      9. ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’ by Fable and Black

      Perhaps one of the most famous literary quotes of all time is now forever imprinted on one of the most stylish custom enamel pins.

      The pin features the traditional eight-point compass with delicate leaves, reminiscent of the brooches worn by all members of the Fellowship of the Ring. The beauty of this pin is that it’s for book lovers and travelers alike.

      10. ‘Just One More Chapter’ by Literary Emporium

      This most elegant custom enamel pin riffs on the iconic and beloved Penguin classic design aesthetic, swapping out the Penguin logo for a book with fluttering pages, while the “Title” proudly and emphatically indicates the pin’s wearer is a book lover.

      11. ‘Ophelia’ by Literary Emporium

      This has to be the most underrated and underused line from Hamlet ever. Ophelia’s line, “We know what we are, but not what we might be,” is much better than most of the other Hamlet quotes circulated every day.

      Here it is, on one of the most gorgeously made custom enamel pins I have ever seen, and it can be worn with pride. Look at the details of this beauty! Yorick’s split skull, stars, flowers, leaves, and ferns. The contrast of gold and black.

      All this is so amazing! This is without a doubt one of the most exquisite and gorgeous custom enamel pins sold anywhere.

      ‘Black Cat Wizard’ by Jomostickers

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      12. ‘Bookshop’ by Fable and Black

      Of all the metal pins in the world, this is one of the most exquisite, pleasing, and wholesome custom enamel pins I have ever seen. The design of this pin depicts not a book, a literary quote, or a character, but the quaintest, most idyllic little bookstore you can imagine.

      There is a warm light inside, an “Open” sign is hung on the door, and the windows are filled with silhouettes of books waiting to be purchased. This is one of the most beautiful custom enamel pins, designed with true love and dedication.

      13. ‘I Have Lived 1,000 Lives’ by Ectogasm

      Printed on a stack of five books, this quote comes from George R.R. Martin, the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire.

      While this quote is passed down from character to character, it’s still a truth that applies to every one of us, and we’ve all felt it to one degree or another. Now you can proudly celebrate that feeling in true style with this most romantic book enamel pin.

      Each of the five books displays a different font and a different colored cover. It’s beautiful – simple, very beautiful.

      14. ‘Ollivander’s’ by Pinsicle

      One of the most iconic places in the Harry Potter universe brings fantastic beauty to the most original and unique Harry Potter enamel pin. A mix of black, white, gold, and brown brings to life the look and magic of Ollivander’s storefronts as well as the paving stones of Diagon Alley.

      Their box contained stacks of wands, an owl in the window, and twinkling stars beneath a sign that proudly bore Ollivander’s name. All these details bring this magical Harry Potter enamel pin to life.

      15. ‘Alethiometer’ by Fable and Black

      We saved one of the best custom enamel pins for last. This extremely gorgeous (and huge) Alethiometer enamel pin really captures the details of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials original, even including the different symbols – bees, swords, skulls, anchors, all of them!

      Black, white, and gold inlays along with three needle tips make this one of the best custom enamel pins for book lovers. What better gift could there be than this for a fan of His Dark Materials? This is an absolute beauty and the largest enamel pin on this list.

      ‘Alethiometer’ by Fable and Black

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      16. Conclusion

      The above are the 15 enamel pins specially customized for book lovers summarized in this guide. If you are also a book lover, please read it carefully.

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