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    No MOQ, no matter how many pieces you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

    What parameters do I need to provide to get a quote?
    Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

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    We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

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    About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

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      Top 10 Soft Enamel Pins in 2023

      Top 10 Soft Enamel Pins in 2023


      Do you have the trouble of not knowing how to choose the right soft enamel pin? Don’t worry, in today’s guide, we will list the 10 best soft enamel pins for your reference.

      1. What is a soft enamel pin

      Soft enamel pins are made by adding enamel just once to a recessed area of ​​the metal and then hard baking it. The enamel sits underneath the edge of the metal, so you feel the texture when you touch the pin. Soft pins are the most popular pin type because they are versatile (available in many shapes and sizes) and cost-effective. Let us look at the details of 10 soft enamel pins one by one.

      2. SICpin soft enamel pin

      Unlike other soft enamel pins, SICpin soft enamel pins can be customized. SICpin customizes soft enamel pin badges based on your ideas or designs. If needed, they can provide professional advice on enamel color, size, backing, plating, etc. In addition, epoxy resin can be added to prevent soft enamel pins from fading, scratching, or other problems, and additional diversified methods such as 3D, gemstones, printing, etc. are provided to enrich the texture of the badge.


      • soft enamel
      • There are butterfly clutches, rubber columns, magnets, luxury hats and other accessories
      • Rich color effects, flash, luminous
      • Screen printing and UV printing

      SICpin soft enamel pin

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      3. Home Alone 2 – Duncan’s Toy Chest Soft Enamel Pin

      Home Alone 2 – Duncan’s Toy Chest Soft Enamel Pin from WickysWeb. Inspired by the fictional toy store in Home Alone 2, this soft enamel pin is sure to be a holiday favorite for any pin collector or Home Alone fan!


      • Handmade
      • 2 inches
      • soft enamel
      • glitter decoration
      • 2 needle posts
      • 2 red rubber clutch bags
      • Wicky’s World 2019 logo on the back

      4. “The Watcher” Limited Edition Pins

      These “The Watcher” Limited Edition Pins are from PropagandaOfficial. It has a metallic soft enamel pin made of black anodized metal and is crafted by hand so it is a limited edition.


      • LE/50
      • 2 inches high
      • black
      • Anodized metal – soft enamel pin
      • full glitter effect
      • 2 rubber pins
      • Individually numbered on the back

      “The Watcher” Limited Edition Pins

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      5. Botita Soft Enamel Pin

      This is a pin that looks like a pair of dusty boots and it comes from Eradura. Its design is very unique. This sweet pin is made from antique gold-tone metal – part of a set of eight charms inspired by my Milagros prints.


      • 1.25 inches
      • antique gold finish
      • Sand and black soft enamel
      • Available with rubber back or gold lock closure

      6. Blue Hydrangea Soft Enamel Pin

      This beautiful blue hydrangea soft enamel pin is fromSenimanCalligraphy. It is handmade, so it looks very delicate. It perfectly complements your floral enamel pin collection and personalizes your bags, jeans, jackets, and bags!


      • Scale size:1”x1.75”
      • Gold-plated butterfly clip

      7. Knuck Pop Jurassic Spark Soft Enamel Pin

      This Jurassic Sparkle Soft Enamel Pin is based on a Jurassic dinosaur but embellishes it. It makes the image of the dinosaur more cute and popular among children.


      • Soft enamel pin
      • Approximately 35mm wide x 32mm high
      • Black rubber pin back
      • Knuck Pop’s original artwork

      Blue Hydrangea Soft Enamel Pin

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      8. Funny lazy cat soft enamel pin

      This Funny lazy cat soft enamel pin from RippleSplashStudio. Celebrate relaxation with this vibrant pin featuring a laid-back black cat on a stack of colorful, patterned cushions. Decorated with the slogan “Enjoy doing nothing”, it’s a playful tribute to life’s comfortable, quiet moments. The perfect addition to a jacket, bag, or hat. Embrace the chill vibes!


      • Dimensions:
        Length: 1.25 inches
        Width: 0.9 inches
      • High-quality soft enamel: achieves a 3D look with receding solid colors and distinct black lines.
      • VERSATILE AND STYLISH: Perfect for adding pizzazz to jackets, backpacks, hats, or any outfit.
      • Safety Buckle: Equipped with a butterfly clutch to ensure stability no matter where you attach it.
      • Gift Wrapped: Delivered mounted on a sturdy backing panel.

      9. Freak Flag Soft Enamel Pin

      This Freak Flag soft enamel pin is fromFoxandSix. It’s designed with the idea of ​​letting your weird flag fly with our weird flag pins! You know deep down that you’re a weirdo, and you might as well let the world know it.


      • hand-made
      • Material: metal, enamel, reddish and light gray enamel
      • 1 inch long
      • With black rubber buckle

      10. Nevada Enamel Pin | Gold Soft Enamel Pin

      This Nevada Enamel Pin | Gold Soft Enamel Pin is from SummerStokesArt. It is an original design by SummerStokesArt and one of a kind.


      • 1.25 inches
      • Hard gold enamel pin
      • Original Nevada Design
      • Gold Metal Butterfly Clutch
      • Backing Card: Approximately 3×4 inches

      Nevada Enamel Pin | Gold Soft Enamel Pin

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      11. CarolineSarretteArt heart pin

      This heart-shaped pin from CarolineSarretteArt was inspired to celebrate the LGBTQ, community, Pride month, and year-round. I wanted it to be in the shape of a heart because it’s all about love, acceptance, and tolerance.


      • Handmade
      • original design
      • Metal enamel pin

      12. Conclusion

      That’s it for this guide that summarizes the 10 best-rated soft enamel pins for you. If you are worried about choosing soft enamel pins, maybe this article can give you some inspiration.

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