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      How to Display Challenge Coins

      How to Display Challenge Coins


      Challenge coins provide a sense of significance and pride to their owners. These unique keepsakes are often collected and cherished as symbols of honor, achievement, and friendship. To properly display your challenge coin collection, a well-designed display case is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore challenging coin display ideas, including how to start a collection, the best ways to display coins, and step-by-step instructions for creating a custom wood display case. Let’s take a closer look!

      1. How to start a challenge coin collection 

      Starting a challenge coin collecting can be an exciting endeavor. The following tips will help you get started:

      1. Learn about the history and significance of challenge coins through research and connection. Join an online forum or group dedicated to challenging coin collecting and learn from experienced collectors and enthusiasts.
      2. Determine your interests: Decide on the topics or categories you want to focus on. Some collectors prefer military coins, while others may be interested in specific branches, units, or commemorative coins. Choose a theme that resonates with you and matches your passion.
      3. Obtain challenge coins: Challenge coins can be obtained through a variety of channels. Attend a military or veterans event, contact active duty members, or contact coin manufacturers and dealers. Online marketplaces and specialty coin shops are also great sources for building a collection. SICpin is a great resource for quality stock design challenge coins and provides new challenge coin collectors the option to create their own custom challenge coins.

      display Challenge Coins

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      2. Why display challenge coins?

      People collect coins for many reasons, with honor and pride being the most important. Customized coins symbolize membership in a specific group and are popular among all branches of the military, law enforcement, and other emergency services.

      Coins are growing in popularity and are also used by business organizations and other groups to represent achievements or milestones. Although coin checks are popular among coin holders, some collectors prefer to keep the challenge coin display with the challenge coin display case Home.

      Did you know there is a story behind every challenge coin? Challenge coins from the 17th Infantry Regiment are the oldest. However, it is believed to date back to the 1950s.

      So if you have a collection of challenge coins, you’ll need a good storage space to keep them. This is where “Show” comes in handy. You’ll need a special challenge coin display box to suit your needs; especially if you’re just starting out.

      The art of displaying these famous objects goes beyond just storage. Carefully crafted presentation not only ensures the appearance of each coin but also enhances its visual appeal. These coin boxes range from elegant display stands to exquisite military display frames, each designed to commemorate the legacy and significance of the military coins they contain.

      For those looking for a more personal touch, custom cases offer a unique way to reflect personal style and emotion. Whether a stand-alone stand for a single rare collectible or a comprehensive display stand for an extensive collection, the right choice of custom coin boxes and stands can transform a coin from a mere collector’s item into a proud display of tradition and achievement.

      Secondly, displaying challenge coins is also a great way to share your coin collection with others. Now people can safely view and admire your coins without the risk of loss or damage. Your coins should not be handled frequently, given away, or misplaced. Displaying your coins in a safe and stylish Challenge Coin Display Case ensures they will stand the test of time.

      Read on for our guide to coin presentation so you can give these tokens of honor the respect they deserve.

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      3. How to display challenge coins

      First, you need a monitor for them. There are many available for sale. It all depends on your style and how many you have. The placement of these items is crucial to their honorable display. When they are not on you, they should be placed somewhere important to you. Here are some popular display options:

      display Challenge Coins

      1) Wooden wall change rack

      For coin owners with large collections to display, a wooden wall challenge coin rack is a classic choice. Recesses inside the box hold over 60 coins, helping to prevent overcrowding. Every coin in your collection will receive the attention and space it deserves.

      These holders are typically made from dark wood and feature a velvet lining that helps highlight bold, colorful coins. Most wooden coin boxes can hold military challenge coins of various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. Frames can also be customized for a personalized touch.

      These wooden stands are military coin display cases, perfect for beginner coin collectors. Convenient shelf slots make this wall-mounted coin holder easy to install securely in place.

      2) Sloping roof custom coin display cabinet

      Low on wall space? Sloped top displays are the perfect way to display your collection on a bookshelf, mantle, or table.

      These boxes hold coins at an angle. The tilted angle makes it easier to see the coins. Usually, the tilt box is made of wood and can hold many coins.

      The coins are lined up in a row at precise locations so that each coin is visible. If you want to share your collection with other collectors, a slanted box may be ideal. You can have your own personal presentation. The desktop is perfect for easy use on the go.

      3) Coin display stand

      The display features a dark wood frame and a jet-black background, making it a classic choice for displaying personalized coins.

      Display cases accommodate collections of various sizes from 30 to 50 pieces. Glass doors allow onlookers to have a clear view of each of your coins without having to remove or handle them.

      Most coin boxes are single-sided, which means you’ll need a large box if you want to display your entire collection in one place.

      The coin box also requires minimal maintenance. Keeping hinges in good condition will help prevent rust. You should also clean your glass windows regularly to ensure that viewers have an unobstructed view of your collection.

      display Challenge Coins

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      4) Multi-layer pyramid box

      If you are looking for a military challenge coin display option that combines all of the above, look no further than the Multi-Tier Pyramid Box. The pyramid design allows you to display dozens of coins in rows from all sides and angles. These display stands have a wide base with three or more tiers on top for displaying your entire coin collection.

      Thanks to its 360-degree design, the multi-layered pyramid box also allows onlookers to see every unique detail and feature of the coin.

      This multi-faceted case is the perfect centerpiece for your home or office. The only drawback is that you can’t view all coins at once

      5) 3D floating frame display bracket

      3D Floating Frame Display Stand Holder for Challenge Coins Hanging frames are a great way to show off your military pride. The frame features a square transparent display window supported by a base.

      The frame comes with an easel back stand to provide stability on any flat surface or tabletop monitor, including a desk, coffee table, or nightstand. It’s easy to set up and looks great when displayed in your home or anywhere you choose!

      • Holds up to 4 coins
      • Great for displaying collections of different sizes
      • Durable materials

      6) Dark box

      Dark boxes are deep, frame-like display cases that can hold challenge coins of various sizes. These boxes usually have a glass front and a fabric background and it’s made from a professional cardboard box making machine. Place the coin on the fabric and use pins or tape to hold it in place. Add tags or descriptions to enhance visual appeal.

      There are also shadow box designs with an extra triangle debossed at the top to add the precious folded American flag. Shadow boxes are readily available at local craft stores. Many custom framing shops may also have a variety of options.

      Dark box

      7) Single coin display stand

      The above options are popular with collectors because they can accommodate many coins on a single display. But what if you only have one or a few special coins?

      If your collection is smaller or you want to display individual coins, a single coin display stand is a good choice. Resembling miniature easels, these stands offer flexibility in materials and colors so you can match them to your home’s aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, so you can find the perfect product for your home.

      Of course, you can also display your entire collection on an easel. It will take up a lot of space, but you’ll never hit the” awkward phase” of your container There are more spaces than coins to fill them.

      8) Glass dome display stand

      If you only have one coin, another fantastic and unique way to display it is to place an acrylic or brass holder underneath a glass dome.

      Brass supports under a glass dome create a particularly eye-catching display. The larger size of the glass dome accommodates the size of the brass holder, allowing the coin to be “suspended” in the center, which really draws attention to itself.

      Plus, with this type of display, you can see all sides of the coin. This is important because challenge coins are usually two-sided, with text and artwork on both sides of the coin.

      Alternatively, for smaller displays, the smaller acrylic coin holder under the glass dome is perfect! While the front side of the coin is indeed displayed, with this type of stand you can still see the reverse side of the coin.

      Another great thing about these coin display domes is that they come with a Lazy Susan base, so once your challenge coin is set up in the coin display dome, you can rotate the entire display to view it from all angles.

      Glass dome display stand

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      4. Create custom wood display cabinets

      If you prefer a more personal style and have some carpentry skills, building a custom wood display cabinet can be a worthwhile project. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create a homemade wood display cabinet:

      materials needed:

      • The wood used for frames and shelves (such as oak or walnut)
      • Plywood for backing saw (round or miter)
      • Woodworking glue
      • Nails or screws
      • Sandpaper
      • Stain or paint varnish or varnish
      • Hinges and latches (optional)
      • Picture frame glass or acrylic (optional)

      Step 1:Design and Measure: Determine display cabinet size and layout. Measure the dimensions of the challenge coins to determine the required shelf spacing and depth. Sketch the design and make a materials list accordingly.

      Step 2: Cut the wood: Using a saw, cut the wood pieces to your dimensions. Cut four pieces for the frame (sides, top, and bottom) and additional pieces for the shelves. For the back panel, cut a piece of plywood.

      Step 3:Assemble: Apply wood glue along the edges of the frame pieces and join them together. Secure the joint with nails or screws for added strength. Install the racks evenly within the frame, leaving enough space between each rack to accommodate coins.

      Step 4:Finishing: Sand the entire display case to create a smooth surface. Enhance the look of the wood with a stain or paint of your choice. Once dry, apply a coat of varnish or clear coat to protect and polish.

      Step 5:Optional Features: If desired, add hinges and latches to make the display case easy to open and close. The front panel should be made from picture frame glass or acrylic to provide a clear view of your coins while protecting them from dust and damage.

      Step 6:Arrange your challenge coins: Once the wooden display case is complete, arrange your challenge coins on the shelves according to your preferred organization method. Please feel free to add a label or plaque to provide additional context and information about each coin.

      Caution: Be sure to take appropriate safety precautions when using power tools or sharp objects. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional assistance if necessary.

      Displaying your challenge coin collection is a great way to commemorate its importance and share its story with others. Whether you choose a prefabricated display or decide to create a custom wood display case, the key is to display your coins in a way that reflects your personal style and highlights their beauty.

      By following the steps outlined above, you can create a unique display that will impress and inspire others as they admire your prized challenge coin collection.

      Create custom wood display cabinets

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      5. Features to consider when choosing a display cabinet

      Those are eight of the most popular display ideas, but before you buy a display cabinet, there are a few things you need to ask yourself.

      1) How many custom coins do I have?

      The size of your collection is the first thing to consider before choosing a display stand. Consider the size of your collection now and the number of coins you plan to collect in the future. For collectors who are just starting out, a traditional display case is a good choice.

      If you already have dozens of coins, choose a larger box, such as a multi-level pyramid or a sloping top box.

      2) Where will I install the challenge coin display case?

      Where do you plan to display the challenge coins?

      Wall mounts require an open, well-lit area to hang and display your coins. The multi-tiered pyramid box should be placed in the center of a large table or desk so that people can view the coins from all angles.

      Traditional displays and slope-top displays are often placed on shelves or mantles. Keep in mind that the latter can hold over 75 coins, so you’ll need enough space for such a chest.

      3) Calculate risks

      As we pointed out, holders are not just there to show off your coins. The right approach can also keep your coins safe. Likewise, if the display cabinet is fragile, you want it to be secure itself.

      Consider how much protection your coins need. If you have children or noisy pets at home, you’ll want a display cabinet that’s stable and hard to tip over.

      For example, you might choose to display your coins on a wall in your home office. It’s a great place, but what if there was a game room on the other side of the wall? You need to ensure that your coin display case or display stand is securely placed to avoid any accidents. In such an active area, a stable stand for display is essential, especially for valuable military coins. It’s all about finding the perfect balance so your coins are both visible and safe.

      It’s easy to see how naughty kids can run into walls. If your coins are balanced on an easel on a floating shelf along the wall, they’re likely to get knocked over every day.

      display cabinet

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      6. Conclusion

      Ultimately, how you display your coins is a personal choice. It depends on your collection, your style, and the presentation you want. The tips above can help you find the ideal display cabinet for your home. Proper presentation not only protects your coins, it also displays them in a way that attracts admiration and conversation. A well-chosen display case can transform a simple collection into a gallery-worthy display.

      Now that you know the best ways to display military challenge coins, you can start or expand your collection.

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