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    SICpin FAQs

    What’s your MOQ?
    No MOQ, no matter how many pieces you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

    What parameters do I need to provide to get a quote?
    Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

    What if I don’t understand the design and can’t provide sketches?
    We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

    How fast is your turnaround time once the production artwork proof is approved?
    About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

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      Top 8 Sites To Buy Lapel Pins in 2023

      Top 8 Sites To Buy Lapel Pins in 2023


      Looking for the perfect lapel pin? There are many websites that offer great designs and options to suit your preferences. Some popular options include Etsy, Pinmart, Pintreasures, eBay, Amazon,, and These platforms have a large number of badges in various shapes, sizes, and designs. I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best sites where you can buy lapel pins! You will get various information about them such as their features, prices, and minimum order quantity (MOQ). So, let’s get started!

      1. Etsy

      Etsy Specializes in making unique and meaningful lapel pins you can’t find anywhere else. Their collection offers a range of unique designs that exude magic. When browsing their website, you’ll notice that the price of each pin can vary, ranging from $0.50 to $18.50.

      It’s important to remember that Etsy’s pricing for individual pins is typically fixed, which means there are limited opportunities for volume discounts. Additionally, most designs on Etsy have a maximum order limit of around 700-800 pins. Therefore, if you require a large number of badges, over 1000, you may want to look for an alternative badge manufacturer.


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      2. Pinmart

      As a BBB-accredited company, Pinmart has a strong reputation in the lapel pin industry. They offer a variety of custom pins to meet customers’ specific requirements. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no clear mention of bulk pricing for their pins on their website. Instead, you’ll see labels like “From $0.71” on each design page, indicating the starting price point.

      One noteworthy aspect of Pinmart is its commitment to a 5-day production turnaround, which applies to certain badge designs. Given that they are located in the United States, it is reasonable to assume that they can provide quick turnaround times for local customers.

      3. SICpin

      Do you want to make money with your own custom pin designs? Then this is the manufacturer for you! Just send your work and they will guide you through the process. If you’re looking for something more personal, SICpin is a great option.

      They specialize in making custom lapel pins with the added benefit of no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. With SICpin, you have the freedom to bring your unique pin design to life.

      Please visit their website for a fast, timely experience.

      4. eBay

      We are all familiar with eBay, a popular e-commerce platform that offers a variety of products, including badges. On eBay you can find a large selection of lapel pins from a variety of sellers, giving you the flexibility to choose a lapel pin that meets your needs.

      When it comes to pricing, eBay offers lapel pins at various price points. You can find pins for under $1, and shipping is often free. Additionally, eBay offers a money-back guarantee for added buyer protection.

      It is important to note that while eBay offers a guarantee, individual pin manufacturers may have their own policies. It is recommended to check the specific return and shipping details provided by each seller. Generally, lapel pins are shipped within 15 days of payment, but this time frame may vary depending on the seller.

      Please make sure to check the seller’s ratings and customer feedback before purchasing to ensure a positive buying experience.


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      5. Amazon

      Amazon is known as a famous e-commerce platform that offers various products including badges. Similar to eBay, Amazon has a variety of pin-making tools to give you a variety of options.
      While Amazon offers competitive prices for lapel pins, it’s also important to understand the shipping costs associated with each product. In your search, you might find a lapel pin on sale for $0.99, but shipping is $50. This shipping fee may seem much higher compared to other sites that offer free shipping.

      It is recommended to double-check shipping costs and overall costs before purchasing on Amazon. Please keep in mind that different pin manufacturers on the platform may have different shipping policies and fees. Some sellers may offer free or discounted shipping, while others may charge higher shipping rates due to various factors such as location, packaging, or handling.

      To ensure a satisfying buying experience, consider comparing prices, shipping costs, and customer reviews from different sellers on Amazon. This will help you make an informed decision and find the best value for the lapel pins you need.

      6. specializes in high-end luxury lapel pins designed to enhance your formal attire for special events such as proms, galas, and charity dinners. Their website showcases a range of exquisite designs, including elegant florals and elegant patterns.

      In terms of pricing, offers lapel pins starting at $12, but their own themed pins are available for $5. The most expensive PIN on the site is $20. Notably, offers free shipping and returns within the United States, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience for customers.

      If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your formal look, offers a range of lapel pins for those looking for high-quality and premium accessories. With stylish designs and the convenience of free shipping and returns, offers an advantageous option for individuals looking to coordinate their outfits for special occasions.


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      7. is a platform that offers a range of high-end luxury badges for individuals looking for exquisite accessories for elegant events. Similar to, focuses on providing beautiful designs that add a touch of class to your overall look.

      On, you can explore a variety of lapel pin options, ranging in price from $12 (more affordable) to $35 (high-end designs). Their lapel pin designs feature exotic patterns like foxes and horses to add a unique touch to your outfit.

      When it comes to shipping, offers free shipping within the US on orders above a certain threshold. For example, customers can enjoy free shipping within 2-4 business days if their order totals more than $150. Please note, however, that different shipping requirements may apply to international orders, and the threshold for free shipping may be higher.

      If you prefer elegant and sophisticated lapel pins, offers you the opportunity to explore a range of beautiful designs. From a collection of high-quality accessories to free delivery options on qualifying orders, caters to individuals looking to elevate their style for special occasions.

      8. Pintreasures

      Pintreasures is a reliable and convenient option for purchasing pins in bulk. Their website has an impressive selection of over 10,000 lapel pins in stock available for sale. Its user-friendly interface makes browsing its extensive catalog of designs simple.

      One of Pintreasures’ standout features is its flexibility in terms of order quantities. They have no minimum order quantity (MOQ), allowing you to order as many badges as you want. However, it’s worth noting that the price of their lapel pins is slightly higher than expected. The lowest-priced pin I’ve come across is listed at $2.99 ​​per pin, with no discounts for bulk orders.


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      9. 4 things you need to know to find the best lapel pin supplier

      Speaking of pins, the demand for lapel pins seems to be on the rise over the past few years. Let’s take a closer look at what these pins are and how to choose a good lapel pin supplier.

      1) Quality

      Quality is an aspect that cannot be ignored when purchasing any product, and collar badges are no exception. Lapel pins that meet the appropriate standards are built to last. Giving someone a quality badge means the recipient will be wearing it for years to come. Remember, buying quality products means getting the most out of every penny.

      2) Design

      Since you are buying pins that meet specific requirements, the supplier should have a variety of designs. A wide selection increases your chances of getting what you want or something close to it. In fact, the many designs mean you’ll probably get a badge that’s more than you want. On the other hand, a seller with few designs to choose from means your choices will be greatly limited. These suppliers are not the best as you may end up buying pins that don’t serve the purpose you want.

      You will be happy to know that some suppliers in this industry offer custom pins. This is a great advantage if you need a lapel pin with a specific design. While this may mean paying a little extra, the end product will be worth every penny. In short, if you want a unique design, the companies that make custom pins are the best.

      3) Transportation services

      Shipping may not seem like a big deal, but it’s not. Sometimes, shipping takes a long time to get the product to the buyer. What’s more, some shipping companies are not careful when handling the shipment, so the recipient receives something of poor quality. Before choosing any badge seller, make sure their preferred shipper is reliable.

      4) Price

      In today’s tough economy, creating a shopping budget is one of the best decisions you can make. Be sure to wear a lapel pin that won’t drain your wallet. To get a fair price, it’s always wise to get quotes from several badgesellers. Cheaper is not necessarily best as it may mean a decrease in quality.

      Many people don’t know how to get the best deal when buying badges, but with the tips above, you won’t make the same mistake.

      lapel pin supplier

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      10. Conclusion

      These are the 8 best websites to buy lapel pins compiled by this guide for you. With the above tips, I’m sure you’ll find the right lapel pin for you in no time.

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