Impact of Novel coronavirus pneumonia on enamel pin industry

As of 14:00 10th Feb Beijing time, there were 40,235 confirmed cases, 23,589 suspected cases, a total of 909 deaths, and a total of 3,328 cured cases. NCP cases were diagnosed at the end of December 2019 and spread by droplets throughout the country with Wuhan as the center.

At present, nationwide protection measures such as isolation prevention, isolation treatment, and various efforts of medical staff have effectively suppressed the rapid spread of the virus! I believe that the epidemic will be fully controlled in a short time!

Impact on the enamel pin industry

Due to the outbreak, all businesses and factories were suspended. The factories in the badge industry are no exception. The specific start time needs to wait for the specific notice from the government.

This news will surely upset many enamel pin makers and collectors. The epidemic is bound to have a short-term impact on the industry.

First, plant shutdowns cause delays in order production. Under the influence of the virus, pin makers and manufacturers are in passive status. For non-delayable enamel pin orders, only can the two parties actively communicate with each other to avoid affecting future cooperation. At the same time, the maker’s badge plans may be changed, which may have a small impact on short-term revenue.

Once the factories open, it will inevitably cause a large backlog of orders. However, a watched pot never boils, if the irresponsible factory blindly meets the delivery requirements, it will inevitably lead to unstable quality. Pin makers must select factories with a focus on quality.

Second, according to the historical data of the SARS epidemic, it is known that the supply and demand balance of the manufacturing industry needs to be restored within 1-2 quarters. During this period, staff shortages and recruitment difficulties will certainly cause an increase in labor costs. Coupled with the shortage of raw materials, there is a high probability that the cost of badges will increase and prices will rise.

The attitude of the factory is undoubtedly very important. If the salesman does not actively communicate with the buyers, it means that the salesman is not responsible for the job, which is very risky. Keeping active communication must be the best thing you can do at this stage.

The measures are taken by SICpin

When the salesman is at home, actively communicate with the customer and keep in touch;

Before we factory reopens, the quotation and drawing are acceptable. Production can be arranged immediately when everything returns normal;

Organize the undelivered orders, prior to production and shipment;

After starting work, do a good job of virus killing in the office and workshop regularly;

Perform physical examinations on all employees daily;

Take inventory and makeup materials;

Clarify the situation of international express delivery;

The epidemic is national, and benign factories must be customer-centric.

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