Production Video

enamel pin manufacturing

Pin production can be divided into several parts: graphic design, mold processing, pin processing, enamel coloring and plating. Each part contains 3-6 steps, so it takes 20-30 steps to finishe a pin.

According to the material to distinguish, can be divided into stamping and die-casting. According to the enamel, can be divided into soft enamel and hard enamel. According to the design, plane and 3D….

Different designs have different working procedures, most need to be completed manually. Once something goes wrong, it means it need to be redone. So every worker must have a good attitude and sense of responsibility. At the same time, the quality control is extremely important during every process.

Art is rigorous. It’s a combination of management, technology and attitude. We always take production seriously, and we are making progress all the time!