Why so many good illustrators love enamel pin industry?

Do you know why so many good illustrators love the enamel pin badge industry? SICpin interviewed some illustrator artists. Come to see what they say!

Joanna, a 40-year-old lady from the United Kingdom, said: “Before I made my enamel pins, I tried the industry of stickers and clothes printing. The main difference from them is the threshold of the enamel pin is not too high and the total cost is relatively lower. The most surprising thing is the profit margin is VERY impressive. Compared to other art products, pins are quick-made and profitable, which can be considered a good source of income for any illustrator.”

A young artist Radella who is a mother now said: “Creating enamel pin designs gives me more free time. The birth of the baby has given me more artistic inspiration. I like the style of freedom, It’s pretty cool to turn a work of art into a finished pin. Just like a pin is born from my mind, everything is magical, like a new life. When backers love them, appreciate them, which makes me particularly satisfied. That’s the main reason I love the enamel pin industry”.

Yadira is more enthusiastic about BTS’s artistic creation: “I love BTS very much. I have a lot of partners. each made-BTS-pin is sought after by many partners. It benefits me in terms of income, but more importantly, it helps express my support and love for BTS. Enamel pins are more like a medium, spreading their music, their spirit, and their fashion. ROCK!”  – – – Read another blog about “why has BTS pin become so popular?”

Magnolia, a college student as well as a pin badge collector, said: “I used to be a crazy enamel pin collector, whether it is Disney, Marvel, movies, etc. I did the collection and trade. Compared with making pins myself, I find out it will definitely bring me more revenue. I had thought it might be difficult to make a pin due to my poor design ability. Everything now is going great under the design assistance of my reliable pin manufacturer. Guess what? My 15-year-old brother also wants to try, haha!”

Randy, an artist with nearly a decade of experience, analyzes the trend in the pin industry: “The pin is an affordable piece of art that people can wear anytime, anywhere, whether it is to show their personal hobbies or to show their stylish personality. It’s a good choice, there are few other artworks in the fashion world with such functionality. At the same time, pins are the best medium for artists or illustrators to display popular culture. Easy to spread, exchange, and trade, especially on social platforms such as Instagram. In the future, with the rise of various cultures, more and more young people will be engaged in this industry and will definitely enjoy it.”

SICpin has been working with hundreds of illustrators. Their styles are different, but they all have one thing in common: love art and life. The pin is a fashionable, freedom career. Sharing, communicating and praising are all the keywords of positive energy. Perhaps this is the main reason why it attracts so many illustrators!

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