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    SICpin FAQs

    What’s your MOQ?
    No MOQ, no matter how many pieces you need, they all deserve our best sincere service.

    What parameters do I need to provide to get a quote?
    Size, plating, enamel type, quantity. Or if you have no idea, we will advise.

    What if I don’t understand the design and can’t provide sketches?
    We can help with drawing the sketches as long as you tell us the ideas.

    How fast is your turnaround time once the production artwork proof is approved?
    About 12-15 days for normal enamel pins. It finally depends on how complex the design is.

    Request A Free Quote

      Case: what design assistance can we provide?


      What if only have an idea but don’t know how to make a drawing? What if only have sketches but don’t know the color scheme?

      We’d love to do is make it easier for you to make your own metal crafts. In addition to production, we can also provide design assistance for free according to your idea. You just need to tell us if this is the pin art you want.

      Here is a case we did for a UK customer who needs swimming medals.

      Design Background

      One UK customer needed to customize one medal for winter swimming. She provided the initial logo and we design it according to her requirements. The specific requirements are: Polar Bear diving into the pool, at the same time, the design needs to reflect the theme of winter swimming.

      Design thought

      The logo can’t be changed. To reflect the theme of winter swimming, we need to add some new elements. Ripple is a good way to represent pool. So SICpin’s designer added the following materials: icebergs and a swimming pool.

      Design draft

      The iceberg and the swimming pool are used as part of the medal shape, the logo is reasonably embedded, and the theme text content is attached to the left and right sides. And we chose transparent color as the color of the pool to make the layers.

      Production artwork

      After discussing the details with our customer, we start doing production artwork. From the first draft to the production artwork, it takes 2 days and 3 times of revisions. Finally, we got the customer’s approval.

      After 18 days (15 days for production and 3 days for shipping), the customer received the finished medals and gave back great words on quality. She promised “more orders on the way”

      Design assistance from SICpin

      SICpin has its own designer to help customers to achieve the transformation from idea to design. The thought of a moment may let you move a lifetime. Keeping the moving feeling, we are very happy to provide design assistance to help to make your own metal crafts. Feel free to contact us with your ideas~

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