Use custom pin quote list, you are gonna get ripped off!

When you would like to get a design into a real product such as a custom pin badge/medal etc, knowing about the cost of making a badge seems to be a headache. Almost all Chinese manufacturers quote according to your design and various parameters, without a complete custom pin price list or quotation system. Perhaps you have seen some other countries badge suppliers offer such a price list, although production costs are not the same, the margin is under their control. You’re gonna get ripped off if you use this kind of price list!

First, you need to understand what parameters to determine the lapel enamel pin badge price: material, weight, color, plating, cutout, quantity, accessories, and so on. If you need an accurate quotation for your art, all of these parameters affect the price. Here are just 5 factors to explain why the price list is hardly provided.


Badges can be made from iron or brass material within 2 inches without internal cut requirement, ordinary shape (such as round, square, etc.). Most of the time, we will use zinc alloy. Everyone knows that the prices of each raw material are different. Brass is more expensive than zinc alloy, and zinc alloy is more expensive than iron. The quotation system does not recognize which material your design is suitable for.


The mold is carved out by computer numerical control. Which mold do you think cost more by the two drawings on the left, please? Apparently, The more complex a design is, the longer it takes to engrave the mold. Only a professional technician can tell you how long it takes to design each engraving mold.


The enamel cost varies greatly depending on the design difficulty level and size. Most Chinese factories use piece rate for the workers who fill enamel, for instance, by each color per peice of product. In these two pictures on the right, even though there is only ONE enamel color on both designs, the costs are different.


Quantity is one of the most important factors determining the unit price. Making a badge requires more than 30 steps both large and small, requiring at least 14 workers to complete. It’s well known that the more quantity, the lower cost.


There are over 10 kinds of plating effects. Each price is disparate. Meanwhile, the plating cost is worked out by the enamel pin/medal’s surface area. Here are two designs in the same size, however, the plating of picture #1 costs higher than the other one.

The cost of making a pin/medal is accurate for every production step. We can provide you with a precise quote for free. As a badge maker, how to save the production cost reasonably? Knowing about production links and costs is undoubtedly the most critical. At the same time, you can get a highly cost-effective price for your design pin art.

After reading this blog, will you still use the price list for your custom pins? Contact us to ask for a free inquiry, even for a comparison!

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