Why has BTS pin become so popular?


In the recent two years, SICpin has received a large number of BTS pin orders. There are plenty of BTS sellers and fans emerged on Etsy, Instagram and other social platforms. Even the pin artists / designers who had used to specialize in other popular cultural designs also turned to the design and production of BTS. Now it becomes to a leading culture in new enamel pin making and spreads quickly. So how do you think the BTS pins become so popular?

1. Demand determines the market: big growth of BTS fans number

Up to now, BTS fans number on Instagram is 18.5 million, on Twitter is 15.6 million, on Facebook is 9.1 million, and on YouTube is up to 19 million! The data shows BTS now is one of the hottest star group in the world! And the volume of fans is still increasing every day. Where does this attraction come from?

BTS won a lot of attention from fans around the world with “Fire” and “Blood sweat and tears” in 2015, they continued to develop in the United States. In August of the same year, the album sales ranked first, and became the first Korean group to win the US billboard.

They gave a new kind of positive energy to pop music and gained a few historic “firsts” in Western music market. So the group is in the spot light very fast.

Enamel pin designers saw the opportunity, they designed many relevant BTS enamel lapel pin badges. Of course, the sell data prove their ideas is completely right.


BTS pin artwork

2. BTS character: If you are in full bloom, the butterflies is coming

The success of BTS is not just about music, but more importantly, the strength of each member and their emphasis on teamwork. They are handsome in appearance and excellent in singing, meanwhile, they have the figure of a mature man. So the comprehensive temperament conveys an information that the former men’s group failed to do: energy, love, hope and acceptance. The transition from singer to artist must begin with native born talet and unbearable effort.

Singer speaks with music. BTS songs focus on youth dreams and the education of modern society. BTS does not talk about youth topics in an old-schoolded way, but communicate with those confused and rebellious teenagers in terms of music, which express current youngs’ struggles and confusion to attract social attention and to soothe their soul. This transcends language and cultural differences and shares the impression with the world.

The rise of the BTS enamel pin culture is itself a transmission of positive energy. Soooo cool!

3. BTS interaction:with ARMY

BTS is also well known by caring about their fans. Through SNS advertisement, the fans become more optimisticly and ethusiasticly. The influence is intangible but powerfully meaningful. For ARMY, they are very happy as long as their idols show their selfie, work and life.

In regards to BTS pin artists, their inspiration comes from BTS SNS. So a large number of material on social media, at the same time, help artists desigining interesting proofs.


Why choose pin badges, not others?

On Etsy and Amazon, there are a lot of BTS peripheral products: clothing, accessories, toys, etc. Then why choose pin badges especially?

BTS enamel pin is a collection of popular culture and can express the art diversity: color, texture, display and so on.

It’s a great way to make things so close to original idol image!

The pin trend is even mor workable no matter if you are familiar with or not— low budget, customized, and easy to operate.

Pin culture has quickly helped popular artists transition into brands. That easy leap from two-dimensional art to object has encouraged and enabled them to take things into their own hands, branching out into full-fledged businesses with significant side income.

It’s a great business and cultural communication with active influence, pop culture and far-reaching significance. Art idea counts, right?

BTS enamel pin with epoxy

BTS enamel pin